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SERVICES |Our services
Custom Projects: In Luxury Awards will always care about the satisfaction of our customers, which is why we have a highly creative department, with which we venture to develop projects tailored to the needs of each of our clients . Our proposals are characterized by being provided with originality, trend and especially the use of materials of the highest quality.
2D and 3D designs: Before implement projects, the graphic design department and Industrial presents a preview of product for our customers have a much better idea of How will actually be the final product. Through this step, you have the opportunity review it and if feasible, suggest any changes you want before manufacture.
Customization: We're convinced to do only every recognition, trophy or medal is essential today. For that, we have all the infrastructure technical and human capital to create innovative products and excellent quality in each of the awards of our customers.
National and International deliveries: We have agreements with logistics companies that make products may reach any part of Mexico and the world.
Company|Who we are?
Our company specializes in the design, development, manufacturing, and marketing all kinds of commemorative items corporate and business awards.
Always have products of the highest quality at competitive prices and personalized service to our customers that generate a real shopping experience.
Being a leader in the field of awards across a wide range of innovative products and extreme quality.

Focus on Quality:
From birth as a company, our focus has always been to quality of products. Our purchasing department is always looking for both domestic and foreign suppliers to provide the best options at competitive prices.

Variety on offer:
We try to always have a lot of product in our warehouse to ensure a high level of stock. Thus, we offer products in a timely manner to our customers. We have an extensive product line for everyone

Service Excellence:
We have a sales team that is in charge of customer care 100% personalized. With this we seek to generate a unique shopping experience since the first contact until the product is in your hands is established.

Department of Innovation and Development:
This department is responsible for landing the requests of each of our customers, generating proposals to the measure. We have an area of graphic and industrial design, with which we seek to add value to each of the awards from our customers.

Do you have products for immediate delivery?
Sure, we have some products for immediate delivery for more information, visit one of our branches.
Is there a minimum purchase?
You can purchase from 1 piece up to the amount you like to ask our vendors for costs
How do I raise an order?
You can purchase via email, Facebook, phone or visiting our branches.
What is the process?
Steps to make your purchase:
1.- Choose the design and material of the product of interest and the amount of product and date of your event.
2.- You will be sent a digital sketch of your product based on the material and design or chose sent.
3.- Once authorized the sketch passes manufacture.
4.- product delivery on the due date ago.
Do you ship to all the republic?
Sure, we ship to anywhere in Mexico and the world.
I can only ask the models they have on their website or may be a custom design?
In Luxury Awards we recognize that every client is important, so they can be online or trophies to the measure.
Does it cost product design I want?
There is no charge, it`s a completely free service.
Do you have urgent deliveries?
Sure, it will make only a fee for your order by urgency.
Luxury Resources|Luxury Awards
Luxury Awards techniques: laser cutting and engraving, Transfer, sublimation, gravure, silkscreen, sandblast, machining and casting. Luxury Awards Materials: Zamak, Stainless Steel, Plastic Metallic Rowmark, aluminum in various thicknesses, colors and finishes, different types of wood, MDF, glass, acrylic, glass and resin among others. Luxury finished Awards: Bathroom Gold, Silver, Bronze, Nickel, Old, Sepia, matte, glossy, mirror, Rough, conventional and artistic painting.
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